Feeding Program

  • Pat
  • July 11, 2021

The serving of people who are truly in need during this crucial time is no longer an option or a question. It becomes our sole duty as human beings.

At the moment you realize the importance of service born of love, then the momentum of the underlying spirit of love and compassion to all created beings will be extended to everything. It is the moment that brings somebody’s life from darkness into light.

This is the underlying intent and spirit of Neo Humanism.

In following my heart’s conviction and the ethics of being a volunteer, I personally ask and encourage everyone to join me in the practical and meaningful support of the “Food for All Program” during these present difficulties.

Kindly help as much as you can, In any place you can and at any time you can. encourage everyone to be fit physically and mentally strong with expectant anticipation and optimism at all time.

Let no one around you succumb to the untrue thoughts that their lives have become meaningless.

Let your present awareness of Love in action and the realistic relief of people’s in need, be your motivation to bring people along the path of righteousness.

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