Lola Adele

  • Pat
  • July 2, 2021

We extended our relief services to another village: Barangay Concepcion.

Lola Adele who received a food pack during our door-to-door distribution drives, shared how greatly she appreciates our initiative to help those affected during these hard times.

Lola Adele expresses her gratitude and thanks to our volunteers. Her facial expression reflects the strong emotional feelings she has with tears of joy while saying:

Salamat po sa tabang nindo (Thank you for your help). Dakulang tabang na po ni sa muya (This service is considered a big help already).

The next day, I sent my volunteer to go back to their house to find out more about her situation. I can feel in Lola Adele’s having that kind of expression there must be something more behind it.

We found out that Lola Adele is taking care of her sick and bedridden daughter. Lola is 75 years of age and yet she is still looking after her sick daughter.

The present condition of her daughter is completely reliant on the medicine a doctor has prescribed for her treatment. Being a mother, her unconditional love for her daughter is over and above what some would consider being required of a mother.

Lola Adele told us that they have the doctor’s prescription but they can’t yet afford to buy the medicine. This being due to the pandemic situation and Covid-19 lockdowns and other actions draining their financial resources for many months.

The happy solution was that we were able to get the receipt, buy the needed medicine, and hand it over to them. The moment we gave the medicine for her daughter to Lola Adele she was immediately overcome by emotion and begins crying.

She tells her daughter:

Neng, finally you can have your medicine after waiting for so long.

Truly speaking, I know there must be many similar cases like this all over the entire world. Your drop of blessing can be life-saving for many.

Those who have been waiting for many days should remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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