What is Food Rescue?

You get the food waste from a wet market, restaurant, farm, etc. using your own transportation method. The most common method is by bicycle because the volume or weight varies. However, we promote the use of public transportation, such as with a stroller, to reduce the use of cars.

Where does the food go?

The foods primarily would be redistributed to the churches, shelters, and low-income families in need of food. It can also be processed by restaurants for feeding programs.

What’s the range of the volume or weight?

A food rescue can be as small as 5 kilos and as big as 50 kilos. The latter needs a vehicle, though we have successfully done it through public transportation.

I have transportation. How can I get the food waste?

Send us a message using the form.

What are Pantrypoints?

Pantrypoints is our record keeping tool for large medium to large food rescues. It systematizes food rescue by creating a platform that uses points to incentivize donations. This will allow it to be replicated in other cities.

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